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Amenity Bottles


100% Post-Consumer Paper

We offer formulations with no synthetic colours, fragrances, parabens, nor surfactants sodium laureth or sodium laurel sulfate, and a gentle preservative complex of less than 1%.


Current Eco-Friendly formulations include:

Borghese Collection I

Borghese Collection II

Borghese Giardino

Culti Mareminerale

Culti THÉ

Deserving Thyme Aromatic Spa "Green"

Deserving Thyme C-Life

Skoah Invigormint

Skoah Mane-Squeeze



 Recyclable, sustainable and earth-friendly. JRS amenity bottles are made of the most environmentally-friendly plastic materials used in the bottling industry. They’re accepted at every recycling center in North America.
 Some of JRS' packaging uses 100% post-consumer waste paper – made from paper which has been used by a consumer then recycled.

Elemental Chlorine Free


Soy Ink Labeling


PSM Biodegradable Packaging

It’s important to consider the bleaching process used to whiten paper when measuring environmental credibility. JRS makes every effort to use elemental chlorine free materials.  Vegetable based inks such as soy are renewable and emit fewer toxic volatile organic compounds than conventional inks. JRS seeks these safe inks and avoids using ink colors containing high levels of heavy metals which can harm the environment.
 JRS Amenities is the provider in Canada of a new biodegradable amenity accessory line using Plastarch (or PSM) made from cornstarch.
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