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Drawing on the personality of the sprawling beauty and richness of Italian city gardens where aging statues, fountains, winding pathways and intricate botanical gardens abound, the Borghese Giardino collection found its inspiration.

These natural-source personal care products come alive with therapeutic benefits from its unique blend of essential oils and extracts. Available in a citrus-herb blend, the top notes offer a light scent of lemon and radiant orange and then it opens up to a sweet-spicy scent of basil with woody undertones. The seductive base notes offer a velvety intensity.


Borghese Giardino

Hotel Amenity Program


Mosaic Dispenser - Borghese Giardino

Mosaic Dispenser Program



Borghese’s natural green-base formulation does NOT contain parabens, synthetic colors or fragrances, surfactants sodium laureth or sodium laurel sulfate, and has a gentle preservative complex of less than 1% concentration. This eco-friendly collection also uses post-consumer paper that is elemental chlorine free (ECF).

Product Code Product Case Pack Case LBS
SHAMBRM02D0 Shampoo 1 oz, Tube 200 22
CONDBRM02D0 Conditioner 1 oz, Tube 200 22
BGELBRM02D0 Body Wash 1 oz, Tube 200 22
BLTNBRM02D0 Lotion 1 oz, Tube 200 22
SOAPBRM05D0 Bath Bar 1.5 oz, Carton 200 38
SOAPBRM04D0 Facial Bar 1.25 oz, Cello Wrap 288 25
BGRNBRM05D0 Bath Salts 40 g, Envelope 200 25
SHCPBRM99D0 Shower Cap, Envelope 200 25
SEWKBRM9920 Sewing Kit, Sliding Case 200 32
AKITBRM99D0 Vanity Kit, Envelope 200 25
DKITBRM99D0 Dental Kit, Carton 200 25
SKITBRM99D0 Shaving Kit, Carton 250 6
SHOEBRM9920 Shoe Mitt, 100% Cotton 200 18
BMITBRM9921 Bath Mitt, Polybag 200 11
LBLMBRM95D0 Lip Balm 5 g, Cylinder  200  14
Professional Size
Product CodeProductCase PackCase LBS
SHAMBRM45D0 Shampoo 5 L, Jug 2 25
CONDBRM45D0 Conditioner 5 L, Jug 2 25
BGELBRM45D0 Body Wash 5 L, Jug 2 25
BLTNBRM45D0 Lotion 5 L, Jug 2 25
HGELBRM45D0Hand Wash 5 L, Jug225
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