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[ comfort zone ]. An exclusive space for oneself, a regenerating interlude in the frenetic daily routine, an invitation to the discovery of extraordinary results, the pleasantness of an encircling and unforgettable multi-sensorial journey. A sublime experience of absolute well-being, an inspiring philosophy, a range of innovative products and treatments, accessories and design elements resulting from the synergy of the wisdom of nature and the intelligence of science to offer an extraordinary body care and pleasure for the senses. Inspired by a deep desire to discover and appreciate the beauty around us, to feed it and to recreate
it in our spaces, our lifestyle is: treasure every moment, every day.


Bathing into regenerative water is an ancient ritual, to rediscover every day thanks to Inner-c, as bath foam & shampoo and effervescent cubes with hydrergy®, derivate from Hawaiian algae, atomized sea water and silk powder. The pleasure goes on with the hydrating body lotion, enriched by the baobab and olive oil extracts, to give the skin an extraordinary smoothness and elasticity. 


Comfort Zone Hotel Amenity Program

Hotel Amenity Program


Dispenser Program

Mosaic Dispenser Program


Product Code Product Case Pack
SHAMCZL0400 Shampoo 40 ml, Bottle 108
CONDCZL0400 Conditioner 40 ml, Bottle 108
BGELCZL0400 Body Wash 40 ml, Bottle 108
BLTNCZL0400 Lotion 40 ml, Bottle 108
SOAPCZL0204 Bath Soap 30 g, Cello Wrap 200
Professional Size
Product CodeProductCase Pack
BGELCZL4500 Body Wash 1 Gallon, Jug 4
SHAMCZL4500 Shampoo 1 Gallon, Jug 4
BLTNCZL4500 Lotion 1 Gallon, Jug 4
CONDCZL4500 Conditioner 1 Gallon, Jug 4
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