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Pure pleasure for body and mind: fond memories of far-off exotic lands intermingle with vibrant scents of Mediterranean citrus. For him and for her: the energizing and yet soothing power of the green tea scent on skin.

Bergamot, Wood of Cayac, Sencha Tea

Natural green-base formulations do NOT contain parabens, synthetic colors, surfactants sodium laureth or sodium laurel sulfate, and have a gentle preservative complex of less than 1% concentration. Amenity bottles are made from recyclable PET-G or PE plastic.


CULTI THÉ - Hotel Amenity Program

Hotel Amenity Program


Mosaic Dispenser - CULTI THÉ

Mosaic Dispenser Program


Product Code Product Case Pack
SHAMCUM05I0 Shampoo 45 ml, Bottle 200
CONDCUM05I0 Conditioner 45 ml, Bottle 200
BGELCUM05I0 Body Wash 45 ml, Bottle 200
BLTNCUM05I0 Lotion 45 ml, Bottle 200
SHAMCUM02I0 Shampoo 30 ml, Tube 200
CONDCUM02I0 Conditioner 30 ml, Tube 200
BGELCUM02I0 Body Wash 30 ml, Tube 200
BLTNCUM02I0 Lotion 30 ml, Tube 200
SOAPCUM04IU Bath Bar 40 g, Paper Wrap 200
SOAPCUM04IV Glycerin Bar 40 g, Cello Wrap 200
SOAPCUM04IW Facial Bar 40 g, Paper Wrap 200
BGRNCUM04I0 Bath Salts 40 g, Carton 200
AKITCUM99I0 Vanity Kit, Carton 200
SHCPCUM99I0 Shower Cap 18", Carton 200
DKITCUM95I0 Dental Kit 5 g, Carton 200
Professional Size
Product CodeProductCase Pack
SHAMCUM45I0 Shampoo 5 L, Jug 2
CONDCUM45I0 Conditioner 5 L, Jug 2
BGELCUM45I0 Body Wash 5 L, Jug 2
BLTNCUM45I0 Lotion 5 L, Jug 2
HDWHCUM45I0 Hand Wash 5 L, Jug 2
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