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Clean Air, Mountains, Blue Sky, Sea, Natural Beauty... Canada is the birthplace of Deserving Thyme, a company who reflects a healthy attitude towards body care! Deserving Thyme products are pure, authentic, spa quality and full of personality.



Aromatic Spa "Green"

Aromatic Spa



This Aromatic Spa amenity program is “green” formulated, while keeping all of the essential oils that make this line spectacular! More >> Experience the uplifting yet tranquil blend of pure essential oils in Deserving Thyme’s Aromatic Spa line. The products are pure, spa quality and full of personality.
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When the relentless pace of life overwhelms, Deserving Thyme creates a soothing environment that banishes the clatter and flash of the day. This spa-quality line transforms your room into a fortress of relaxation
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With inspiration from nature and the outdoors, C-Life is a natural, green-formulated, tropical collection. "C" the difference!
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All collections may be co-logoed to maximize the impact of your brand.

The foundations of the Deserving Thyme Aromatic Spa quality line are its therapeutic-grade essential oils, vitamins and botanical extracts. Each product has been uniquely formulated to offer pure quality, pure style and pure hydration – for people on the go.


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