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Located in Lyon France, LYDéHa is the fruit of several generations of worldwide research combining the best natural ingredients with proven clinical effects, in a true perfectionist “Artisan Spirit”. The attention to quality with exclusive organic ingredients is unique. LYDéHa using its “savoir faire” is sourcing the purest ingredients from safe suppliers and processing in a sustainable manner.

Rejuvenate your skin, body and spirit! This refined essential oil blend of Sweet Orange, Litsea May Chang, Spearmint and Lemon is bath refreshing and stimulating.


All liquids are natural green-base formulation does NOT contain parabens, synthetic colors or fragrances, surfactants sodium laureth or sodium laurel sulfate, and has a gentle preservative complex of less than 1% concentration. Amenity bottles are made from recyclable PE plastic. The paper packaging uses 30% post-consumer paper & elemental chlorine  free (ECF) with soy-based ink print. Applicable accessories made from PSM, bio-based material.


Lydéha Hotel Amenity Program

Hotel Amenity Program


 Mosaic Dispenser - Lydéha

Mosaic Dispenser Program


Product Code Product Case Pack
SHAMLYM0200 Shampoo 1 oz, Tube 200
CONDLYM0200 Conditioner 1 oz, Tube 200
BGELLYM0200 Body Wash 1 oz, Tube 200
BLTNLYM0200 Lotion 1 oz, Tube 200
SOAPLYM0501 Bath Bar 1.5 oz, Tissue Wrap 200
SOAPLYM0201 Facial Bar 1 oz, Tissue Wrap 500
SHCPLYM9900 Shower Cap 18", Envelope 200
AKITLYM9900 Vanity Kit, Envelope 200
BGRNLYM0500 Bath Salts 40 g, Envelope 200
Professional Size
Product CodeProductCase Pack
SHAMLYM4500 Shampoo 5 L, Jug 2
CONDLYM4500 Conditioner 5 L, Jug 2
BGELLYM4500 Body Wash 5 L, Jug 2
BLTNLYM4500 Lotion 5 L, Jug 2
HDWHLYM4500 Hand Wash 5 L, Jug 2


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