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In New York’s Chelsea neighborhood, a family-owned apothecary becomes a real cosmetics house, completely devoted to the respect of the skin: its treatments, as a matter of fact, offer head-to-toe PH balance of face and body. The natural ingredients used address skin sensitivities, avoiding irritations and allergies resulting from over-marketed harsh ingredients and false claims.

The key to our extraordinary cleansers is our hydration science to complete the cleansing agents; they are oil-free and residuefree, blending nourishing fatty acids instead of traditionally greasy pore-clogging oils, silicones and waxes. The fresh natural scents combine with personal fragrance choices. The final result? Formulas without unnecessary detergents, colorants and synthetic fragrances. Each ingredient is carefully chosen as the least irritating and most advanced for performance.

Peppermint, Rum, Vitamin B5 and Cilantro are natural perfumes, provided with a single note. They are used for their specific therapeutic properties. Peppermint is well known for its natural purifying and stimulating effect on the scalp, as well as for being detergent and antibacterial. Mint is used for its holistic benefits. Rum Bay updates its traditional, pharmaceutical origin among the perfumes: it has been a pillar in those environments for centuries. By using it, the modern pharmacist mixes tradition and modernity.


Hotel Amenity Program

Hotel Amenity Program


Malin + Goetz Mosaic Dispensers

Mosaic Dispenser Program


Product Code Product Case Pack
BGELMGL0400 Rum Body Wash 40 ml, Bottle 108
SHAMMGL0400 Neroli Shampoo 40 ml, Bottle 108
BLTNMGL0400 B5 Body Moisturizer 40 ml, Bottle 108
CONDMGL0400 Cilantro Conditioner 40 ml, Bottle 108
BGELMGL0200 Rum Body Wash 30 ml, Tube 280
SHAMMGL0200 Neroli Shampoo 30 ml, Tube 280
BLTNMGL0200 B5 Body Moisturizer 30 ml, Tube 280
CONDMGL0200 Cilantro Conditioner 30 ml, Tube 280
BGELMGL0600 Rum Body Wash 50 ml, Tube 160
SHAMMGL0600 Neroli Shampoo 50 ml, Tube 160
BLTNMGL0600 B5 Body Moisturizer 50 ml, Tube 160
CONDMGL0600 Cilantro Conditioner 50 ml, Tube 160
BGELMGL0800 Rum Body Wash 70 ml, Tube 72
SHAMMGL0800 Neroli Shampoo 70 ml, Tube 72
BLTNMGL0800 B5 Body Moisturizer 70 ml, Tube 72
CONDMGL0800 Cilantro Conditioner 70 ml, Tube 72
BGELMGL0700 Rum Body Wash 60 ml, Bottle 70
SHAMMGL0700 Neroli Shampoo 60 ml, Bottle 70
BLTNMGL0700 B5 Body Moisturizer 60 ml, Bottle 70
CONDMGL0700 Cilantro Conditioner 60 ml, Bottle 70
SOAPMGL06J3 Rum Soap 50g, Box 200
SOAPMGL06K3 Peppermint Soap 50g, Box 200
SOAPMGL02J3 Rum Soap 30g, Box 270
Professional Size
Product CodeProductCase Pack
SHAMMGL4500 Neroli Shampoo 5 L, Jug 4
CONDMGL4500 Cilantro Conditioner 5 L, Jug 4
BLTNMGL4500 B5 Body Moisturizer 5 L, Jug 4
BGELMGL4500 Rum Body Wash 5 L, Jug 4
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