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skoah’s passion is skin and hair care. It will make you feel great from the outside in. They take body care seriously, but promise to inject a sense of humour and creativity into everything they do. Blending the best of nature with modern science, this peppermint infused Invigormint shampu and konditioner will stimulate your circulation for a tingling experience. Plant extracts and comfrey root soothe your skin, while rosemary extract helps improve your shine! The Pep-talk body wash and lotion contains natural coconut esters, sea kelp algae and plant extracts to hydrate your skin. A fan favorite!


Skoah Invigormint Hotel Amenity Program


Skoah Invigor-Mint

Mosaic Dispenser Program



Product Code Product Case Pack
SHAMSHM02Y0 Shampoo 1 oz, Tube 200
CONDSHM02Y0 Conditioner 1 oz, Tube 200
BGELSHM02Y0 Body Wash 1 oz, Tube 200
BLTNSHM02Y0 Lotion 1 oz, Tube 200
SOAPSHM05YE Bath Bar 1.59 oz, Cello Wrap 200
SHCPSHM9900 Shower Cap 18", Envelope 200
AKITSHM9900 Vanity Kit, Envelope 200
Professional Size
Product CodeProductCase Pack
SHAMSHM45Y0 Shampoo 5 L, Jug 2
CONDSHM45Y0 Conditioner 5 L, Jug 2
BGELSHM45Y0 Body Wash 5 L, Jug 2
BLTNSHM45Y0 Lotion 5 L, Jug 2
HDWHSHM45Y0Hand Wash 5 L, Jug2
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