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Skoah products are the healthy diet for your hair and skin. Like any healthy diet, Skoah products are loaded with high quality, natural ingredients and devoid of low quality ‘substitute’; ingredients. Plant extracts, natural minerals, and organic compounds are coupled with high performance active ingredients in this mango and coconut line. Extra conditioners help hydrate normal to dry hair, while rosemary extract helps improve shine. The Smooth Talk body wash and lotion is loaded with skin soothing plant extracts and sea kelp algae to hydrate the skin with a hint of Wild BC Berries!


Skoah Mane-Squeeze

Hotel Amenity Program


Mosaic Dispenser - Skoah Mane-SqueezeMosaic Dispenser Program



Product Code Product Case Pack
SHAMSHM02X0 Shampoo 1 oz, Tube 200
CONDSHM02X0 Conditioner 1 oz, Tube 200
BGELSHM02X0 Body Wash 1 oz, Tube 200
BLTNSHM02X0 Lotion 1 oz, Tube 200
SOAPSHM05XE Bath Bar 1.59 oz, Cello Wrap 200
SHCPSHM9900 Shower Cap 18", Envelope 200
AKITSHM9900 Vanity Kit, Envelope 200
Professional Size
Product CodeProductCase Pack
SHAMSHM45X0 Shampoo 5 L, Jug 2
CONDSHM45X0 Conditioner 5 L, Jug 2
BGELSHM45X0 Body Wash 5 L, Jug 2
BLTNSHM45X0 Lotion 5 L, Jug 2
HDWHSHM45X0Hand Wash 5 L, Jug2
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