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Acca Kappa
 C.O. Bigelow





C.O. Bigelow

One of the most famous and antique brands in Italy – since 1869! Considered a niche brand in the bath and beauty category, Acca Kappa offers a range of unique products – from hairbrushes to bath accessories, from toiletries to fragrances.



Known for its legendary spa therapies, Borghese products are an ideal marriage of nature and science. Based on a unique blend of Tuscany’s mineral-infused waters coupled with the latest technological advances, the Borghese heritage dates back to the 14th century when people first sought the healing waters of the Tuscan Earth.



How time blends with modernity. From America’s older apothecary, in New York, was established a group that offers and spreads an extremely wide range of cosmetic products that everyone appreciates: from “neighbours” to celebrities.


Comfort Zone  CULTI  Deserving Thyme

Comfort Zone




Deserving Thyme

[ comfort zone ]. An exclusive space for oneself, a regenerating interlude in the frenetic daily routine, an invitation to the discovery of extraordinary results, the pleasantness of an encircling and unforgettable multi-sensorial journey.



The CULTI brand evokes a world of exquisite collections offering a multisensorial experience, through fine fragrances and cosmetics.



Inspired by Canada’s landscape: fresh mountain air, deep blue skies and resounding natural beauty. Deserving Thyme has reinvented “the art of the spa experience” with quality aromatherapeutic body products using the newest botanicals and natural ingredients.


   Lydéha Malin + Goetz

E. Marinella




Malin + Goetz

Offering over 100 years of enduring quality and timeless distinction, E.Marinella is a testament to Italian elegance and design. Famous for its hand-made men’s ties – which have been worn by country leaders, financiers and aristocracy worldwide.



Located in Lyon France, LYDéHa is the fruit of several generations of worldwide research combining the best natural ingredients with proven clinical effects, in a true perfectionist "Artisan Spirit". The attention to quality with exclusive organic ingredients is unique. LYDéHa using its “savoir faire” is sourcing the purest ingredients from safe suppliers and processing in a sustainable manner.



In New York’s Chelsea neighborhood, a family-owned apothecary becomes a real cosmetics house, completely devoted to the respect of the skin.


Pink Door   Skoah VRAI

Pink Door




VRAI by Fragonard Parfumeur

The most sensual experiences begin with our eyes. This insight was the impetus for the Pink Door Design Lab. Products made in homage to creativity, fashion and personal luxury, started as a passion project by one of Canada’s most prolific graphic designers. Pink Door’s intricately patterned packaging is instantly recognizable and the hallmark of a bespoke brand that celebrates personal style.


skoah products blend the best of science with the best of nature, devoid of low quality substitutes and loaded with top quality ingredients. The skoah plant blend of 11 plant extracts that calm and soothe the skin and fight free radicals are included in almost every skoah product. skoah products contain botanical extracts, natural minerals, bioactives, organic compounds and powerful active ingredients.



VRAI by Fragonard Parfumeur was created as a true pure line of products that combine natural formulas, high quality ingredients and sophisticated packaging.


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