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Provide that point of difference to make your guests’ stay linger forever in their memories. Whether it is a customized scent, formulation or unique packaging, we will design the perfect complement to your property. We can also make your in-room program a sophisticated sampling program - driving retail and spa experiences!


JRS Amenities will work closely with you to create a thoughtful and unique amenity collection. Take a cue from your setting to inspire your amenities’ design and fragrance. Reinforce your brand through both formulation and packaging.

Concerned about the environment? JRS specializes in natural, green-based formulations and eco-friendly packaging.

We can fill orders as small as 10,000 pieces to as vast as millions.

JRS will present a quotation including colour mock-up and formulation samples. Following approvals, count on 12-14 weeks to deliver your customized amenity product.





Together with alchemists, aromatherapists, biochemists, dermatologists and biotechnicians, we will seek the right combination of either ancient Chinese herbs, biological ingredients, or state-of-the-art technology for your customized, private-label program.

Bottles & Tubes


Choose from over 100 stock bottle and tube shapes in PE, PET or PET-G, three of the most environmentally-friendly plastic materials used in the bottling industry that are accepted at every recycling center in North America. Or, we can design a unique shape all your own.

Cap Shapes


Caps are available in a range of shapes and materials.
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