Airline Amenities

Airline Amenities


The Abahna collection was founded in 2005 by Claire Croft, who took inspiration from the exotic bathing ceremonies and spas of India and the Far East. Abahna is dedicated to a philosophy of nature, ensuring the products are as natural, simple and effective as possible.

Abahna fragrances contain a variety of specially sourced essential oils with natural scents of exotic flowers, plants herbs and fruit. The formulations include many natural actives and organic extracts such as wild flower honey, aloe vera, cocoa butter, shea butter and chamomile.

Found in some of the most prestigious stores and hotels around the world, Abahna has become a firm favourite of royalty, celebrities and supermodels.

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The CULTI brand evokes a world of exquisite collections offering a multisensorial experience, through fine fragrances and cosmetics.


Deserving Thyme

From Refreshing Facial Mist to Temple Balm. Each Deserving Thyme spa-inspired product has been designed with the busy passenger in mind!

Fig & Yarrow

Fig & Yarrow is an artisan line of small-batch, handcrafted, organic health and vitality products that represent substance and beauty. At the heart of the formulations are raw, organic and wildcrafted ingredients from lovely and vibrant roots, leaves, flowers, minerals and oils. Fig & Yarrow choose these ingredients because they offer the greatest purity, the most abundant nutrients and the highest amount of skin-improving constituents.

Fig & Yarrow believes that choosing natural beauty enhancing products, crafted with sustainably harvested ingredients, allows us, as consumers and as producers, to collectively influence how people and other living entities are treated.

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Pink Door

The most sensual experiences begin with our eyes. This insight was the impetus for the Pink Door Design Lab. Products made in homage to creativity, fashion and personal luxury, started as a passion project by one of Canada’s most prolific graphic designers. Pink Door’s intricately patterned packaging is instantly recognizable and the hallmark of a bespoke brand that celebrates personal style.

Most things in life are created with some level of compromise. Pink Door is an exception. There is no higher purpose, just the innocent pursuit of beauty for the sake of beauty, and the promise of a sensory experience that begins the moment you see Pink Door.

We offer two unique amenity scent profiles for hospitality.

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Blending the best of nature with modern science, skoah products are a healthy diet for your skin. Like any healthy diet, skoah products are loaded with high quality, natural ingredients and are devoid of low quality ‘substitute’ ingredients. Plant extracts, natural minerals and organic compounds are coupled with high-performance active ingredients to ensure products generate results. Born in Vancouver, skoah skin and hair care products are proudly made in Canada.

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The Bridge

The Bridge, born in 1975, on the outskirt of Florence, Italy, distinguishes itself for the production and distribution of high-end leather goods and accessories. Among its production includes luggage, travel bags, women’s handbags and small leather goods.