Artisan Amenities

Artisan Amenities

Deserving Thyme

Clean Air, Mountains, Blue Sky, Sea, Natural Beauty… Canada is the birthplace of Deserving Thyme, a brand that reflects a healthy attitude towards body care. Deserving Thyme is pure, authentic, spa-quality and full of personality. The foundations of the Deserving Thyme Aromatic Spa quality line are its therapeutic-grade essential oils, vitamins and botanical extracts. Each product has been uniquely formulated to offer pure quality, pure style and pure hydration – for people on the go.

We offer two unique Deserving Thyme amenity collections: Aromatic Spa and Aromatherapy

Pink Door

The most sensual experiences begin with our eyes. This insight was the impetus for the Pink Door Design Lab. Products made in homage to creativity, fashion and personal luxury, started as a passion project by one of Canada’s most prolific graphic designers. Pink Door’s intricately patterned packaging is instantly recognizable and the hallmark of a bespoke brand that celebrates personal style.

Most things in life are created with some level of compromise. Pink Door is an exception. There is no higher purpose, just the innocent pursuit of beauty for the sake of beauty, and the promise of a sensory experience that begins the moment you see Pink Door.

We offer two unique amenity scent profiles for hospitality.

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TuLIV By The Sea

TuLIV By the Sea is delightfully refreshing, offering wisps of fresh cucumber and sea kelp. This collection will leave your guests awash with renewal!

These products contain Aloe Vera for healing sun-kissed skin and include a unique seaweed exfoliation bar. The soap bar mould was custom made from a stone that JRS founder, Susan Howard Memory, discovered while visiting Thailand. The result is a soap sculpted by nature that fits ergonomically into the palm of your hand.

TuLIV Everyday

Inspired by the book Tuesdays With Morrie, by Mitch Albom, our TuLIV line is fresh, imaginative and crisp. Offer your guests the zest of citrus and cucumber. This line features small touches in delightful and thoughtfully designed products your guests will adore. Read the book and don’t forget TuLIV every day!